Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the blue room

above // taken approx 40' inside the non-descript cave opening on the north side of mokalua island, a 3/4 mile snorkel off of lanikai beach, oahu.

to explore it safely, conditions need to be feelin rasta | i.e. low tide + calm waters + adventurous spirits

this sunday, the stars were right, and we were able to liven up ourselves / let our souls glooow all afternoon.

you begin at a rabbit hole of sorts, a space just high enough to swim through and breathe occasionally without hitting your head. then you drift in with the help of the incoming tide, holding onto the mossy rock faces to stay centered. just as the crevice opens a bit wider, you feel the sand meet your feet and begin the jive atop the sandy beach. peering forward, it's squinty black and uneventful. then, about 15' farther you reach the dry beach, with just enough space for 6 to assume the lotus. looking back, you realize why it was you came. the cave scatters the incoming light over the water, illuminating the space with a deep glow of swirly iridescent blue.

[[not for rent]]

Monday, August 25, 2008

room mate wanted:

speed demons anonymous needs your help. Know anyone in need of an apartment? One bedroom in my three bedroom loft just opened up. The basics:
  • Loft is the entire third floor of a walk up in prime S. Williamsburg
  • 2 blocks from Marcy Ave J/M/Z trains (first stop in BK) about 10 Blocks from L at Bedford
  • Three bedrooms + one guest room/storage room
  • Huge eat-in kitchen area with 5 windows at back of loft (apx. 25' x 20')
  • Equally huge living room with 4 windows in front of loft, 6'x8' projection tv (apx. 25' x 15')
  • Hardwood floors and painted exposed brick throughout loft
  • One Bathroom
  • Bedroom for rent is approximately 8 x 10, /// NO WINDOW OR CLOSET
  • On Broadway, same block as Peter Lugar/Dressler/B61 Bus
  • easy parking

Please pass the word, if interested, email 174broadway@gmail.com

/// updato: two views of my kitchen. Check out the cherry counter space and kitchen island, shelving, 1950's fridge (looks cooler then it is) wine rack, espresso machine, two magnetic knife bars, book case, common computer, henry chalfant and dave kinsey prints and man does that "rug really ties the room together." Note, the kitchen table is missing and there is not usually a couch there...

more pictures later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

nj scallops

looking promising in da outlook - have not sussed any of the exit 98 sandbars out in a while, but am ready to get to it - "smile & dial - that's all you have to remember" - Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street.

40° 0' 4.27 N 74° 3' 27.64 W

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

east coast gem.

so stoaked on finding this gem on youtube. One of the greatest skaters, in one of the greatest scenes, in one of the greatest videos. The mayor of philly, ricky oyola killing it to Metallica's Damage Inc, from Eastern Exposure 3. Pre zooyork mixtape, Eastern Exposure videos really put east coast skating on the map 10/15 years ago when everything mainstream was still coming out of cali. I love how when the song ends, you get an additional two minutes of ricky's speed with no music, just the the hum.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

/// matt don't stop

globe hustla & pisano has been working on project jump for some time now. we caught up recently down in ocean beach tres for some of big paulie's home made vino. why do fish stories always sound more intense after a couple of vinos?

the centerpiece of matt's photos, besides the italian garbage strike of course, are the leaps he's been taking. he's managed to build up an amazing collection stretching from china to czech republic, tunisia, italy and france - the list goes on... here are some of the highlights - how the hell does he jump that high? seriously!

weekend in LA

Scooner, originally uploaded by ToneOne.

I did learn one thing while killing some time at the Jet Hangar Inn a few miles from the beach this past week: you can find a good dive bar and white trash everywhere, even in tony Manhattan Beach California. Can't beat $2.50schooner's tho. However, surfing plays second fiddle to beach volleyball out there in south bay.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

aceh dreamin

fresh off the ss good vibes w. a severe sleeping disorder and dangerously depleted serotonin supply - heeeeeeeeeaps of photos / vid to follow -

Thursday, August 07, 2008

hecox vs. montauk

Evan hecox is one of my favorite graphic artists currently. homeboy cut his teeth doing graphics for chocolate, girl and other skateboard companies and has since moved on to more "fine art". His signature landscapes of both major cities and rural areas only use a few colors, but show off great detail.

Arkitip has been producing his silk screen prints for sometime now, and just released this new print Montauk. His prints usually sell out pretty quick and are a safe investment, although they haven't been going up in value as quick as they used too.

Montauk, New York

Evan Hecox, 2008

5 color silk screen print on Neenah Environment paper
FSC certified fibers, chlorine free
(20% FSC, 80% post consumer fiber)
Signed and numbered by the artist
16 x 20 In. (40.64 x 50.8 cm) | Edition Of 200

some of his previous work:

/// deck series for chocolate skateboards

/// delancey st.

/// LA blacksun 3

/// mexico city

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

nasty neckface

neckface has a show coming up at the new image art gallery in LA. The cannibal carnival opening promises to be a shit show:
    Also featured in the show is a set-up familiar to Neckface but certainly not for an intimate gallery space. At the opening, friends of the artist and professional skaters Sammy Baca and Lizard King will be skating in a caged off mini-ramp filled with objects they encounter every day: knives, spray paint, and booze of course. "They are both satanic," Neckface says. "Sammy once carved Satan into Lizard King's chest with a knife.

Neck Face
"Cannibal Carnival"
Opening August 16, 7 - 10pm
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
//hopefully sheryl crow won't show up...

//if neckface ever needs a day job, i'm sure he can get a job restoring old dark rides at the jersey shore for sure: