Wednesday, September 24, 2008

caffeine / sugar beets

do you remember the episode of giligan's island with the radioactive vegetables? for some reason this video reminds me of that - rick has a killer shaping bay. he's currently working on a wooden surfboard made out of poplar & cork and it's rad.

the vid below is taken at rick's shop - i clearly had too much coffee that day ///

DP 001 from Rick Malwitz on Vimeo.

quik pro france

congratulations to adrian buchan today for his win over kelly slater. this would have been world title number nine for kelly today.

quik has heats on demand - def gotta check out brother slug fest in round 4. cj v. damien

/// kelly pitted - photo courtesy of envision on flickr

Monday, September 22, 2008


september is the BEST - the atlantic fully turned on and did it's magic on sunday. a little offshore puff and it was on //

// always good to see the beach house classic boys in the water. seems like they're everywhere. excellent vibes as always. check em out if you're local, they're in bay head on 35n

tomorrow is
quik pro - france rd. 3
be sure to watch the french wildcards break hearts as the rest of the lads vomit up the night before -

no breeze, then...

the offshore puff, then...

cervezas out the back

Friday, September 19, 2008

le damagggggggge

yeah - solarrrrezzz. full on life saver when you're a ten hours motor from the nearest third world fishing dock, but when you get back to brooklyn (surf capital of the n. hemisphere) nothing spells f-u-n like a ding repair seshie on your fire escape. this particular pest was the result of a kick-off / heel stomp through the deck of my board (that i'm still not hearing the end of). to add insult to injury ewwww pun, i was laid up for a day and a half on the s.s. marcus due to a rolled f&#@$ ankle... there is only so much moleskining / chess / bintang that one can rip through before he loses his mind ///

enter duct tape :) luckily there were some skilled aussie footie players on board to remedy the injury. thunderdome splint job and ankle roll no mo. right on lombo !

below, the workshop //

fabricating the modern dwelling

calling all y'all helvetica headz - moma is currently running the 'home delivery' show through october 20th. you knew that like 2 years ago, mmm hmm. 5 pre-fabricated homes were constructed in the empty lot next the the museum on 54th street and each is truly unique. 

check out kaufmann|rüf architects' system 3 house time lapse - speed demons. if only all construction were this easy there'd def be more time to surf. 

speeeeeaking of...
here's the latest from the your marine weather desk -

// central li focus, saturday - ese swell 5-7' 9sec | wind nne 7kts
// central nj focus, sunday - e swell 6-8' 8sec | wind wnw 4kts 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

soul sonic

the brooklynite gallery is currently running a show featuring the artist aiko (faile). the opening featured a live in-house rumble with sould sonic force - sick! go check them out at 334 malcom x blvd and that's in bk. they're super friendly and the space is freshhhhhh - gallery open thursday thru sunday 1-7pm // sept 13th thru october 11th

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

longboard contest at the inlet

this sunday is the 16th annual longboarding classic at the manasquan inlet. no leashes / no rules / no complaints - whaa!? i love these guys. the entry fee is $35 / with each additional division participated in add $10 - all proceeds go to the jersey shore chapter of the surfrider foundation - RESPECT - all inquiries should be sent off to

here's the link to the entry form courtesy of

we've got a couple tricks up our sleeves for the clown division. come rep ya local speed demon ///

Monday, September 08, 2008

hanna kung fu and calisthenics

still recovering from the marathon seshie yesterday w. the brooklyn squadron. we set sail before daybreak with our sights on some northern nj spots. conditions were favorable, but the crowd factor was already peaking at 7:00am with bike rack after bike rack jammed with stickered up bro-peds. after a quick survey of the monmouth region it was unanimous that we should surf uncrowded beachies to ourselves.

jb was rad enough to snap some shots of the crew in between sessions. here are some of the highlights -

la grande entrée

planet of the apes (statue of liberty just out the back)

ben - flying elbow drop

ben - sweep the leg

stephen - santa cruz gnar death stare

me, dp - hip toss

me - squat thrust